I’ll Have Yelp Elite, Neat!


Raise your hand if you’ve ever used Yelp. Although I cannot actually count your hands, I'm sure many of you have. When looking for a new food spot to try or a new trustworthy tire shop to go to, search engines are first order of business naturally (Google & errbody else). Yelp comes in handy and quite honestly, it’s my go to. I’m sure you’ve found yourself in a new city and you don’t quite know where the best spots to dine or dance? Yep! Yelp has come to the rescue numerous times to help with my indecisiveness on many different occasions. I’ll usually spend a few minutes scrolling the app or browsing on the website, reading tips, reviews, photos and deciding based on that.

Yelp Helps: OUE Skyspace

Yelp Helps: OUE Skyspace

There are many perks to being a part of the Yelp community and it’s also another way to participate in various activities throughout the city for free-ish (when you factor in tips here in there, it’s still low cost). When you check into businesses you can receive discounts on your entire bill or get free items such as drinks, appetizers, candy and products. Businesses will also offer you free services, items, or discounts on said services in exchange for a yelp review. For those of you worrying about safety and your location by checking in, you can also check in as you are leaving the establishment or not share your location check-in (you have that option as well).

Yelp has also introduced the Yelp Cash Back program. There is a list of nearby businesses that participate that will give you up to 10% cash back for your purchases. You can add as many cards to your account so you can get cash back no matter what credit card you use. Okay Yelp!

In the events section, you will find Official Yelp Events that are fun and free (ish) to do. Those events include Yelp Fit Club where Yelp will partner with various fitness studios and host a class. Other Yelp events include theater plays and musicals, for those who have a knack for the creative arts, restaurant tastings, mixology classes, and charity based events where Yelp gives back.

Yelp Elite is a group of yelpers that are essentially the “heart and voice of their community”. The Yelp Elite events are a bit more exclusive and more interactive than regular Yelp events. In case you are wondering, I am a Yelp Elite (4th year badge woo-hoo!) Yelp in a nutshell is a reciprocal program/community. You give to the Yelp community and essentially your entire city by writing detailed reviews of businesses and experiences and adding photos of the events and engaging with other Yelpers. Yelp really depends on the honesty and integrity of it’s users and as a thank you for participation in keeping the yelp community thriving, rewards it’s users with neat stuff. You have to RSVP for events however, and get confirmation before attending.

If you are already an active yelper and you want to join the Elite Squad, you can find the elite nominations and apply on the website. Make sure your account is current, active and you have real pictures of you! This is how I live an active lifestyle and also able to save loads of money. Happy Yelping!


Yelp Event Tips:

Have fun & socialize

Be on time

Check into the yelp event page

Bring cash to tip