All Tea, No Shade: Shot by Jordan Ox Tucker


I met Jordan at Made in America: LA in 2014 (y’all remember that first AND last year it was in Los Angeles? A logistical nightmare). According to him, after we met I was acting brand new. My lie detector test determined that was a lie! We lost contact after a while but I remember he was working the event and shooting some film and photography. Low and behold, he is still up to his antics. By antics, I mean creative outlets and that’s always a great thing.

A drop in your ocean

A drop in your ocean

After this shoot, we converse about the deeper meaning of life and our purpose here on this earth. That deep conversation was lightened up rather quickly later on with a man on the sidewalk turning sideways to pass us after a path was cleared for him. It doesn’t sound that funny but the visual had my abs hurting for hours! Jordan, I know you are laughing reading this.


This shoot was more on the natural side, much like my other beach shoot in Malibu. Y’all notice my baldilock eyeballs? I didn’t wear lashes for this shoot (honestly cuz I didn’t have time) but I like my hairless eyelids the same.


Thank you for the collaboration. It’s been a pleasure! You can check him out at @jtuck_photo.