Malibu Wine Safari: Wine Not?

Stanley The Giraffe

Stanley The Giraffe

First of all, Happy Birthday to! I launched about a year ago (April 10th) and I couldn’t be more proud of this blog and the people/opportunities it brought to me! I can’t wait to see where I am in the next year! Cheers to us! How fitting! A nice little blog post about a wine down Sunday funday in good ol’ Malibu.

Rewind to a couple of weeks ago, I went on the Malibu Wine Safaris at Saddlerock Ranch to enjoy some wine tasting and feed exotic animals, including meet Stanley the Giraffe! I was so excited! I never met a giraffe in real life so I was cheesing the entire time, like a little kid. I had originally planned to do this for my birthday in December, but the Woolsey fire canned those plans because everything was burned. Fast forward to Spring and everything is as green as ever, thanks to the heavy rainfall! Talk about a comeback!

This particular experience which included meeting Stanley was $95 per person for 105 min. I, of course, used a 10% coupon to save a little bit of money. Sidenote: always always always search for coupon codes while shopping online for anything. It just might save you some money. I used to use but now that I’ve installed the honey button on my taskbar, honey finds all the coupon codes for me. There is also an experience that includes all of the above except meeting Stanley for $55.

I did have a troll in my comments on instagram which I chalked up to another person policing black and brown people in the outdoor space. I am not one to argue, but I will say that my goons got goons! Don’t start no stuff won’t be no stuff. Minding one’s business is free 99. Yet, we still have folks policing people who are minding their own. I can only speak on my experience. The tour guides gave simple instructions on how to feed the animals and they all seemed to be in great spirits. We had to put away our wine glasses before interacting with any of the animals. The zebra was super impatient, the llamas (Barack O’llama, Kendrick Llama & Llama del Rey) came up to us when they were good and ready, and Stanley the giraffe would often come down to get the lettuce from our hands.

Anyhow, I think this is a cute mini getaway to do with your boo thang or a group of friends. I would book well in advance if you want to do a group outing. Time slots fill up super fast. I was lucky enough to have super cool tour guides who were GENEROUS with the wine pours. I tried 3 different reds and 3 different wines. Scenery is absolutely beautiful so it’s definitely a place to be to enjoy the Spring and Summer months.

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!